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Maslef Solutions offers quality web solutions in several inexpensive packages that have been almost universally appraised by small to medium sized businesses and by many individuals. Maslef foregoes many of the trappings of higher priced competitors companies. Instead, Maslef is selling to the small business market by emphasizing value and by identifying with their information, time, and budgetary needs.

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Cyber Security Solutions

We provide cyber Security solutions at many levels

Cyber Security solutions are used when the company requires security for their server, network, or web app. 

Cyber Security

Why Cyber Security Solutions?

Cyber Security solutions can help at many levels. We provide many Cyber Security solutions from securing, maintaining Windows / Linux server to implementing them, and updating them at a regular period. Cyber Security solutions are very beneficial if the data is important and you can't trust on any shared or dedicated offshore server then you can rely on your server. We design complete server rooms including network designs and others. We hardened the security at the maximum level to ensure that there's no data loss. WE also make sure that we provide a proper DRP plan for you.

Service Features

Cyber Security Features

It can help you with a number of goals

Website Security

Application Security

Server Security

Network Security


Cyber Security Seminars

Role of Cyber Security to a Company?

Cybersecurity is essential for every company because of an increase in cyber attacks around the globe.

You can use a Cyber Security solutions in many cases like authenticating data, Keeping a record, You can run your apps on a personal server without worrying of getting hacked, You can use it to store files, etc.


Cyber Security is important, Because it’s about you, it’s about your image and at the end of a day it’s about your identity.

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